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I will add my experiences as well:

Counting years of use on any equipment item is too broad. 'Yeah, I get X years of use out of my boots'. Fail to mention they only fish 10 days a year.

Danner is no longer making their wading boots. Also have had the same problem as Bee with the side blowing out. Un-repairable. Last pair lasted a whole 30 days before coming undone. Not too happy about that and, even it they were still making wading boots, no way would I ever purchase another pair at even half of their MSRP.

Been through two pairs of beefy studded boots. Approx. 45 days of use on each pair before they irked me enough to replace (felt worn out, boots cracking, studs missing). While very comfortable and plenty of support, no longevity. No way again.

Now wasting money on the Korkers converts. At first I just about exploded after the stupid studded felts came off while trying to wade a particularly nasty river. This after a big whopping 10 days of use. Luckily I was saved because the small shop in the canyon did indeed have replacement soles- the updated version with the rivets to hold the felt on the 'board'. Have now used this 'updated' version for just over 40 HARD days of hiking and fishing. No more issues to report. Boots seem to be holding up very well and MIGHT just prove to be worth the extra cost. Won't really know until next year's abuse comes and goes.

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