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I fished my last trip to the Bahamas entirely with a two-hander, the Atlantis All-arounder which is an 11ft 9/10 IM8 graphite rod. For most bones it was a little too much rod, but for the one shown below and others like it a fair match, and another that broke my leader estimated at 12#, it was not enough.

Compared to ocean surf (beach fishing) I found it to be less of a hands-down advantage no pun intended. It certainly has advantages and disadvantages, but as a two-handed afficionado whether on a steelhead river or cape cod surf I would like to explore it further with something a little lighter than the current Atlantis series for bonefishing... or else I would like to cast to nothing but 7# plus bones

Certainly in a cross-wind a practiced two-handed caster can have an easy day where someone else might have to struggle or cast backwards. By switching to a shooting head large poppers can be thrown over the breakers to entice jacks and other predators. It seemed easier to lift the line over coral as well when a fish is running, a nemesis of mine in years past with a single hander.

I wouldn't say it's for everyone but if you like two-handed casting and fishing, it's fun and makes things very interesting. For stripers, jacks, trevally and soon roosterfish I think it's a no-brainer.

Caveat - two-handed casting takes a little practice. The lack of a double haul requires a change in the power application to get maximum returns. Once the stroke is learned, it's possible to throw much more grains and much greater distances with much less effort for longer periods of time. For me it's been as much a pleasure to learn as single handed flycasting was, and not nearly as hard to learn second.

(some pictures attached in the ridiculous clave thread)
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