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I have some serious issues with just about every major brand of wading shoes and have not in the last 15 years had a pair that stood up to an entire season of use. I do not spend alot of time riding in boats and fortunately most of the places I fish have very limited road access. So I probably get to put a lot more use on the boot than some others.
I would rate the Simms nera the bottom either Guide weight or light weight. Korker convertibles the jury is still out but its not looking good.
I have had fair results with several Orvis boots and the latest LL Bean lightweight is lasting much better than Simms, but I see wear on the toe and some stitching starting to loosen up so they are on the downhill run.
I have recently accquired a pair of Cabelas Guide Tech Boots that Look like they just might be the ticket I have higher hopes for these than any other that I have used in quite some time. They have a lot of Kevlar mixed in with some very substantial molded sythetics and they are lined with neoprene for comfort. On the downside they only come in Felt Soles so they are a problem hiking in the muds of Winter but I wore them a for sevral months this fall and I see virtually no wear at the toe or the heel and there is no loose stiching or loose glue joints to be seen.
The boot appears to be a little on the wide side as most brands go but I threw in a pair of high tech Gel insoles and that problem went away. They were good enough hiking that when I was back to my truck at the end of a 14 mile roundtrip my feet were just fine.
I wouldn't be so bold as to recomend these boots just yet but I would recomend having a look at them before you settle on another purcahse.
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