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do not forget you are a visistor and they live there

Having bone fished al over the bahmamas for many many years , I wwould simply say to you to defer to the natives to some extent if possible. They look to the guiding business as a critical income source in many instances. There are specific regulations about non-bahmaians "guiding" in the bahamas I believe. That is why "Keys-guides" do not show up over there for the season; the bahamas are strict on "work permits" for non-bahamians. it might be smarter to hire one of the locals for half a day to show you some new places than to brace for a conflict over whether you have a "right" to fish without a guide etc. Once you have spent al ittle money with them, they are not likely to hassle you if you fish on your own. If you "guide" , or appear to be guiding(such as poling a flats boat for non-family memebers, )you are not going to escape their continuing wrath.
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