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Adrian--I, too, might be a bit biased, as I'm co-owner of G&L FlyCraft, a new company based in Calgary, Alberta dedicated to meticulously crafting individual masterpieces in world-class fly rods. After more than two years of R&D, we've just released three different saltwater series, two of which might be ideal for what you describe. Our Magrove Flats Series is available in 6-9wts, and is a smooth-casting, distance-reaching rod with lots of feel. It's based on the tapers we perfected in our Bow River Series for big water, big casts, and big, hard-fighting fish...but also needed to be capable of extreme accuracy and finesse presentations. I have a friend in the UK who fishes for sea bass using blanks based on the same tapers and feels they are the definitive match for your context.

We also JUST released our long-awaited Salmon & Steelhead Series, which has a markedly different feel but is every bit the performer our other saltwater series are. Ultra-fast, ultra-smooth action capable of some pretty staggering distances with superb damping and, again, lots of "feel".

All our saltwater series feature reel seats turned from pure titanium bar stock and titanium-framed SiC ceramic guides. In our opinion (and that of many of the finest casters), they are indeed the consummate fly rod.

My apologies if this post comes off too "advertising-ish"...we're just very passionate about crafting a whole new level of fly rods and I couldn't very well ignore your inquiry about what the best saltwater rod might be!

Incidentally, our website doesn't launch until next week, but you are welcome to email me directly if you're interested in learning more. Hopefully you'll also see us around this board in reviews and as sponsors!


G&L FlyCraft
Passionately crafting individual masterpieces in high-performance fly rods and reels.
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