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Thanks for your advice.
To give some more info: the seabass we are after are a bit smaller than the stripers you are used to. Unfortunately we don't have those overhere. Our bass grow up to about 15-20 lbs. If you get one of 5 pound plus you have a nice fish. For the weight/power ratio they are the tuffest fighting fish I have encountered (including fresh run 40 lbs+ Kings, large trout and 30lbs pike)
The ideal rod for the fish itself is, in my opinion a 7 or 8 rod. Sometimes you have to use a heavier line, but that is due to the wind or weight of the flies used. We use about the same flies as you do for stripers, just a bit smaller in general. The kind of fishing is from beaches (open surf) often casting far out to structures. Also popular is belly boating in a secluded area, seperated form the open sea by a large dam of bolders (large concrete blocks). It's very tempting to try it on the outside of this dam too, as it's much better fishing. If you do so you will arrive in England in about one week! Kayaking is possible but haven't tried that yet.
Hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving.
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