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Adrian -

Your question is fine. You just caught all the Yanks on this board on a long holiday weekend--our Thanksgiving celebration. To keep the thread at the top of the forum on Monday morning and trigger some more answers after we have digested our turkey dinners, come back with a little more information about the size and species of fish you're targeting and the kind of water you fish. Is it open surf, tidal bays, saltmarsh? That may help prompt more responses. On this side of the Atlantic, at least in New England where this board started, eight- to ten-weight rods are the more common choices for saltwater, and longer, two-handed rods are starting to show up on the open beach. I fish with Thomas and Thomas rods, another crisp, fast rod. At the upper left of this page, under the "Flyfishing Forum" logo is a link to sponsors. For more rod choices and specs, you might want to click on some of those links.
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