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exceptional day swinging

To keep the hopes alive as far as swinging here in late November I had a exceptional day swinging streamers today on the largest of New Yorks Lake Erie tribs. A cold rainy overcast day water temp. probably in the low 40's but the Steelhead were active and chasing. I worked the frog water with looong cast's and the walking curent speed runs. I am glad I left my nymphs and eggs at home because the anglers indy nymphing were doing just fair.
Size 6 Steelhead Buggers in brown & orange guinea collar / Black & Blue. But the hot fly was a Zonker spin off I tie in natural zonker strip, tan bucktail collar, sparce white bucktail belly with some gold K-flash & flash-a-bou in the mid section. Wouldn't touch white here was hot the week prior. Brown & gold color combo was my old standby on overcast day's a few years ago, glad I went back to it today. See the sculpin thread...........nice.
S.A. Mastery type 5 one piece sink tip/4 1/2' leader to 10 # test floro. on my 9 1/2' single handed rod. (you guys may talk me into getting a spey rod yet..........grin)
As a bonus 3 of the fish were over 30" which for this trib is large. Some hard rip's.........some tap, tap..............grab. All battled with great spirit.
Don't put the speys,streamers & sink tips away yet................
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