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I have been using the feenstra Sklupin Emulators for a few years now and have done well with them. here is the recipe I am using and a pict.

Hook CS15 Carrie Stevens 10x Long Streamer Hook. size 2
Thread 3/0 brown
Head Opposim
Collar natural wood duck flank feather
hackle Olive Schlapen
body Golden emu
Tail Olive barred marrabou

1 Start with a very secure thread base.

2 Wrap threadbase back to the hook bend. Tie in the marabou feather so it is about the length of the hook shank.

3 Tie in the hackle feather by the tip here, followed by the 2pieces of emu.

4 Wrap the emu forward and tie off. Then palmer the hackle forward and tie off and trim.

5 Cut a clump of opposim or rams wool and tie it in so that the tips sweep back over the body a bit. Take a couple of wraps through the flared butts to lock the hair in place.

6 Complete the fly by trimming to shape with a razor blade or sharp scissors.

Original Pattern by keven Feenstra
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