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Sorry forgeting to repond properyly to the tolo-goldray question. The "tolo" through me period; reference made zip impression in my mind.

Goldray (below the dam) is 99.9% a boat show; very, very tought to fish from the beach. But !! if you drop down a mile or two even a 'blind pig (like me) can find an (occational) acorn." Some water is worth pounding with a fly rod (above Gold Hill) there are a couple of BLM parks off the road and some other easy 'walk in' water that's fly water.

Best to wait a week and fish at/below Touville Park (here and up) you've got tons of fly water that's worth every bit of effort.

For more particulars shoot me an e mail at or 'mono-a-mono' call me at the office (Hay, some one's got to pay for my fly fishing charge accounts) at 541 734 2714.
Fred Evans
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