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Thanks guys for the words and sending flies (you are too kind). Yes when my truck was stolen so were my flies which sucked. Has taking me 3 months to get back to the vise. Juro has been telling me about the flies he has received and they sound awesome. I cannot thank you all enough and look forward to recieving them. Flytier and Bob Pauli have already sent an outstanding assortment of flies. They are incredible.Looking forward to seeing the others soon. Sounds like I may have to hang em on the wall, not sure if I dare fish them.

Igor I was just ribbing Russ and I do value his opinion. He does tie a mean fly and while I am proud of ties I think it is always good to solicit comments from more experienced folks like Russ and yourself. There are certain things like balance and proportion that I think we all strive for in some way or another in our ties that transcends personal tying styles. I like getting feedback from others as well, whether good or bad.


Here is what I know and I am sure others will chime in. From what I have read the Akroyd started out as a dressing but as of late it has turned into a style of tie IMHO. How the body is tied is what I think makes it unique.

They are dee flies and the original was yellow and black but it can be done in any color combo.

As for defining characterics they are as follow:

Dee Style on long shanked salmon hook.
Body is 50/50 with the rear half being dubbed and palmered with saddle hackle
Front half done in silk, tinsel ribbed and palmered with spey hackle.

Traditional cinnamon turkey was used for the strip wing but white goose is used a lot as well.

Anyway , some will probably disagree with me saying it is now a style of tie but that is how I view it.

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