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Smile Finally- Cuba

As I promised I'm writting.
Finally I was in Cuba with my wife near Trinidad. Flyfishing was one of my many things I did there. So at first I want to mention that was my first time in saltwater and also my fist flight overseas. But I'm very glad I took my rod with me. After several days experience I made a fly on which I cought some kinds of fishes not big- till 3lbs. Sorry I even don't know their names... but in this place there were not bonefishes.
Two incidents was amazing form me:
1. When I cought one fish about 2 lbs second one cut away her body and I pull out still living head only... It was barracuda for sure. I saw barracudas there.
2. One day before my leaving I woke up early and went fishing. 1 hour and nothing so I decided to go in new place. I found very nice looking place and after several throws I see big fish taking my fly and hearing music of my reel... I have never seen such big fish on my life, of course with my trout equipment (class 5 ) I had no chance. The fish took my all line and conection with backing lets down and I left with backing no line and quacky hands but happy my rod is in one piece.(by the way finally I left the rod to my new cuban friend for free of course becuse he can buy nothing from this equpment- will be usefull for his trout lake- Sasa)It wasn't for sure barracuda and shark but I don't know what was it. Seeing now pictures on net it could be "jack" in my opinon.
On that I finshed my fishing on Cuba. I promised myself I come back next year to "talk" with this fish but now with good equipment and some konwledge. One thing I regret- I couldn't catch a barracuda. I didn't know how on how fly... So I'm starting now to find a rod and some books of saltwater flyfishing and flytying. Of course all from US becouse here are not available. Maybe some of you have unnecessary saltwater flyfishing magazines and want to sell to novice like me?
Greetings to all from Poland!
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