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peter, congrats on the banner day. one like it has not been far from my dreams for a long while, or even one half that good. if you would share, what was the fly, if not top secret? again, well done.

"Whitemans is a fish sanctuary from September 30th to the last Saturday in April so there's no fishing for these hold-overs nor is there any fishing over redds. The middle Grand season runs until December 31st". borrowed from peter-s-c

i've read some of your whitemans creek, a highly beneficial forethought by someone thinking ahead. here we have too few spawning sanctuarys that close 12/31 and reopen 4/01. better than nothing. your administry's policy seems more inclined towards putting the fish first, as it should be.

when you say "no fishing over redds" is this within the sanctuarys or on all waters?

"heck, breaking the mold only gives you more confidence in the swing when conditions may not be perfect.... and confidence is key". borrowed from topwater.

i couldn't agree more to the above statement, confidence is indeed a powerfull ally. SG
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