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Breaking the rules

Didn't take the temperature today but the water was cold. I'm usually OK for standing for long periods in cold water while wearing breathables plus a couple of layers, but today I'm in those same layers with 5mm neoprenes and I'm cold.

Hooked up seven on the swung fly and had a load more hit. With a bit more hookup luck, I could've been in double digits. I was swinging the fly cross-current to produce a broadside presentation (which requires that the fish chase) and the fly was getting nailed. This big run has a bowl shaped cross-section so through the middle of the swing when the fly is moving at its fastest, it was likely a couple of feet off the bottom and it was getting crushed. These weren't all fresh fish, the buck I landed was dark and a bit roughed up. To make matters worse in the rules department. I was creating a downstream belly in the line, Atlantic salmon style, to speed up the fly.

According to conventional GL steelhead wisdom, I should've been skunked. What went wrong? This isn't a smart-arse question as we're told over and over that GL fish won't chase a fast moving fly (relative to the current) in cold water and that GL fish won't rise for a fly. They were doing both today. These were all streambred fish, BTW.
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