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Hey Juro,

If you guys wind up going to Eleuthera sometime in April...we should all meet up at the Friday Night Fish-fry in Govenor's harbour to exchange notes.

Here's a few Items you should include in your list...

- portable stripping basket for fishing ocean side beaches...keeps line out of the algae and waves.

- wading caddy (that's what I call it anyways). It's an innertube or boogie board that you tow along as you wade a flat. You can keep extra gear/water/camera/lunch/beer on it. Nothing like having an extra rod rigged and ready in case you cross paths with a big Cuda, Mutton Snapper, Jack or Lemon shark. Makes it real easy to change-up and take up virtually no extra space in your baggage.

- Snack-bar small single serving packages of peanut butter, jams, jellies, dipping sauces, mustard, relish, ketchup etc. I get mine from the cafeteria at work for free...pocket a few each day in the weeks prior to a trip. Believe it or not, these save major expenses as opposed to having to buy jars and bottles of each to stock the larder.

- A few packages of "boil and serve type" dried pasta's are cheap and make for a quick good meal.

- Other stuff like coffee, powdered creamer (if you like that), sugar or substitues).

- Oh inflatable kayak...grin!

If I wasn't already going, I'd jump!
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