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Jay -

I have the 8wt 5-pc rplxi and it's my standard bonefish single-hnder. I will also have the lighter Atlantis and will have the 9'8" 6/7/8 Speytracker on hand this year for bones, and the surf-tamer for jacks / big stuff on the oceanfront. Feel free to borrow anything I don't have in my hands at any given moment.

As far as lines for the 8wt rplxi, I used the Rio tropical lines, Wulff Bermuda triangle, and my old SA Steelhead floater. When short shots on windy days are the rule, I would opt for the shorter lines; but when you need long pickups and re-positioning the Steelhead line rocks. It's pretty hot so a line that doesn't get gooey is good to have.

On foot things are different than on a flats boat deck with a guide. You don't have the set-up time and a big line tray at your feet when wading. Most of the time a short, quick-loading floater with a delicate turn-over is all you need. Much of the turnover is defined by the leader and tippet. Bonefish flies are tiny by SW standards with the exception of some crab patterns which create air resistance.

The best thing to do is visit shops and try their options, considering the finish in the heat. Since you are on duty allow me to pick up a few bonefish lines that I found to work well on my rplxi-8wt and bring them for your rplxi-8wt. In fact I insist you keep one as a token of my appreciation for your service in Iraq.

Looking forward to it bro!

(BTW - if anyone has suggestions for lines they like, keep them coming and I will try to test them before this clave)
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