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Small oversight Herr Moderator..."Tube Flies" ('History & Construction') was co-written (with Les Johnson) - I believe Mark Mandell made a few contributions to the book. It's not a bad primer although it is almost 10 years old and much has changed since it was first published. The patterns are IMO quite 'pedestrian' compared to the tube flies that are being dressed today.

Chris Mann's newest book has nothing in the way of step-by-step instructions yet has quite a few patterns - some liberally borrowed without permission from the original tyers or designers.

Ken Sawada has written a great instruction book on tube flies (and Waddingtons). The 'English' is a bit difficult to understand, but the photos are gorgeous and speak volumes. I highly recommend it.

I agree with Gary about some of the limitations on tying on Loop tubes. Most of my tube flies are tied on HMH Micro Tubing - don't let the name 'micro' mislead you, either. While it's been marketed for more diminutive Trout patterns, I've had great success in tying larger Steelhead and Salmon flies on it.

If you're looking for some marvelous Rx's for tube flies, I'd recommend checking out Jurij Shumakov's work on Rackelhanen or on Steve Burke's Salmonfly.Net website. Jurij's ties are among the best in the world.

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