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Belize Report

Just got back from a week's fishing in Belize with FishyboyICU812. We fished out of El Pescador on Ambergris Caye.

We arrived on the tail of a big cold front and heavy weather - so the first few days of fishing were somewhat slow. We did manage to get a few bones every day but were limited to tailing fish over grass and muds in deeper water (heavy winds had muddied up the white-bottom flats). As the weather improved so did the fishing and we had one banner day with bones everywhere. Many times the guide would pull up near the fish and we would jump out and stalk them barefoot in the turtle grass - pretty cool!

This was our first trip for bones and we learned a lot about fishing them in various environments. The presentation was more technical that I had expected, especially for tailing fish. Fishyboy made good on some big fish wading around the lodge after-hours.

We spent a lot of time (probably too much) running and looking for Tarpon but only saw a few fish and never really had much of a shot at them. There were also 3-4 Permit encounters but we could only entice one to follow and refuse.

The lodge and staff were excellent and the location is great for bar-hopping along the numerous resorts up and down the beach. The only downside was the post-cold front conditions and somewhat unpredictable firmness of the bottom. All in all we had a good time and tamed a few 5 pounders on the 7wt. I am already thinking of the possibilities for next year
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