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I don't know a lot about a lot of things but I am pretty sure that the PETA message will fall on deaf ears in the "red countys" of the country!!!!! (They used to be Commies dontcha know)
Stick a fork in there butts turn them over there done.
Seriously a small and worthless group that is so far out of the main stream as these loosers is hardly worth the time of posting but I am over medicated on Shiraz and am so excited that Powell is gone that I just had to take the PETA bait.
I remember when EC Powell was the only Powell that made a difference. Here I sit on a low Carb Diet and somebody named Rice is in charge! Is she related to that new guy on the Seahawks?
I thought SS was some outfit in Germany maybe I'm thinking of BMW.

Oh well the bottle still has room for improvment!!!
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