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Thanks for all of the great insight and help. Currently I am trying to re-read my digiatal camera's instructions for the video capture mode. Also I have begun building a lefty sytle shelf to cast on. Is this a smart thing or will I become to accustomed to it and eventually rely on it being there?hmmm.

Also, I think one of my major problems is that there are a zillion styles out there. From Rajeff to Lefty and all of them in between, it is somewhat overwhelming to fine tune your cast and have everyone say something similar but just different enough from each other to cause some major flaws to appear. I know this sounds odd but I feel like I have to choose one type and learn it to the best of my ability, which is the problem. (Does this make sense?) I understand that the essentials are the same in all of them but the difference is in the details, and for someone with limited time who is trying to improve it can be horrible to see one guy cast to the end of the earth in one style and then another do the same.

I don't mean to sound like I am complaining, I am not. I love to just get out and cast, anytime. I find it relaxing and soothing as well as forming some good (and often bad) muscle memory. Anyway just venting. What styles or forms do you use and why, or does everyone just combine most of everything they learn and use some in this instance and others in that?

Thanks again,
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