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Well, the low water conditions (will continue throughout the summer, will slow the run down. Usually lots of fish in mid Rogue by mid-late April with run 'peaking' in May through June. Suspect we can add two to three weeks minimum to that range this year.

On the good note though (!) the winter steelhead are still coming up. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. As of 4-24-01 actual count was 8486, which is 400 more than the week before. Weather in the low 80's again today so I think I'll call the wife type and tell her not to hold dinner :>)

Best steelhead fishing is still at the very top end; in Touville area 'they' are taking fish but suspect most are 'downers' not new returns. Up at the hatchery area the two best bets are directly below the deadline (very nice series of runs) and at 'sand bottom' the next hole below. (Comparitively speaking) both are deeper runs with some speed so fish get cover to skulk around in.

Just below this is the main runs in Henry Park. Have beat the living heck out of this water without result on several of the past trips to the area. Exception to this is what's called the 'bridge hole.' This is at the bottom of the park NOT the water just above the main (hwy 62) bridge. The (old-only the abutments remain) road bridge is about a 1/4 mile upstream from the (new) highway bridge.
Use a two/three fly terminal and wted!! If you're not right on the bottom just forget it; you will do zip. On the bottom (heavy flys or beadheads with the airflow extra fast sinking leader material) is the road to smiles.
Fred Evans
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