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Factory vs custom

I used to wrap all of 'em myself. It gives me something to get through the winter doldrums, teaches the builder a good bit about the tools they use for catching fish, has the pride of buildership thing to boot. I gave up on building my salt H2O rods because I believe that they are an item that breaks a lot. I rarely go through a year without breaking one (the last 2 I've been lucky) . I don't mind re-wrapping a tip or mid section but butt sections suck.

The warrantee issue in reality is a non-issue replacement parts are usually about 30-50 bucks and "handling fees" for warrantee repairs are around 30-50 bucks.

The warrantee thing has always been a joke. Before all the companies jumped on the Orvis bandwagon they usually did repairs for free or a small fee but that is a different discussion for a different day.
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