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Normally I wear breathables and when October & November come around, I pack on the lohnjohns and the insulated pants under the waders, but even this is not enough when standing still for long periods of time in close to freezing water. When it gets that bad, I shift to 5mm neoprene (Bare). Two issues: I should've bought bootfoot, not stocking foot. There's no substitute for bootfoot waders if you're gonna fish in the snowy months. Secondly, 5mm neoprene gives a body a workout when you're moving around. These aren't hiking waders. You can easily work up an almighty sweat on your upper half while your legs and feet are getting cold. When I strip off at the end of the day, everything is wet from sweat. 5mm are also a workout to climb around in as they don't give too easily. I'm in the market for a pair of bootfoot 3mm.

Anybody who wants to buy a lightly used, size medium 5mm neoprene Bare stockingfoot deluxe wader that's never leaked and has been well looked after, PM me.

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