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Thanks Juro,
I am mainly seeing them in the bottom leg of the line and wondering whether it was my lateral movement or just to much pressure. On the shoot it tends to decrease a somewhat but it is still some form of deficiency. I am going to attempt to watch lefty again tonight as well as locate the ole video camera.

But the strange thing is that when I cast my friends TiCr it is not as prevalent. (Which puzzles me but I guess it is up to actions) I have spent many days with my instructor up until the later parts of the summer and most likely need to return for some tune ups and changes to bad habits I most assuredly have developed.

Also, what drills do you find the most productive for adding some distance with regularity. I have been doing all of them from the lefty video and have found some extra distance but it seems that my cast has become this weird to the side thing that almost looks like belgian(that is a form correct?) casting. Is this poor form as well? Not like a sideways cast but more lateral if you know what I mean. (forgive me for the poor description)say like a 45 degrees feels natural? is this bad?


ps. -do you think it is better to practice and work in the beginning with a medium/medium-fast action or a fast action? or does it even matter. If so when would you know to make a change from a mediocre rod to a faster one?

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