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Question Waves in my cast!

I am somewhat new to the game and I guess consider myself a little below an intermediate caster, (or maybe intermediate but I don't know what I could use as a scale) who spends most of my time in practice working on distance and improving double haul timing.
Lately when I have been out practicing I have noticed some small 'shock'-like waves in my cast. I know that this is a casting deficiency but to date I cannot find what I am doing incorrectly. Too much power on the forward two count? I have been watching my Lefty videos and others and cannot find anything on this phenomenon and/or how to fix it. Also, it seems like the only time that it happens is when I am using my RPLXi as well.
Also, it seems like the more I practice the more I tend to work towards a Lefty-type delivery(more on the side with long rod travel) as opposed to the others, is there anyone out there who can tell me if this is a bad thing?

Thanks for all the help,
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