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Great story!

I have fished Loreto several times. That underwater reef off the point of isla Carmen is a fish producer. My best sail, 125 pounds, came from that spot, as well as my best dorado at 60 plus. The only prayer you have against the heat out there on the water is to keep that panga moving! I fished many times with Juan "Papa" Murillo before he finally retired. The pangueros in Loreto are a fine group. You did one heck of a job with that fish on light tackle, congratulations!
You will find the Cortez even more of a fish factory that 3rd week of july, that is when I always go. Dorado madness! But the heat can be unbelievavle then, so be prepared.

Did you stay at the Oasis or the La Pinta? Hope you tried the fish tacos at McLulu's, and the dinners at La Palapa are the finest to be had in the city.

More fun than sex? Depends on the fish and sex, I guess. Some days......
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