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I definitely do appreciate the skill required to dead drift with minimal weight through stack mending and line control. It should not be lumped in with fly rod drift fishing.

I also agree that the water you are fishing dictates the method required. There are certainly runs where the fish are held within slots and the water is too cold to expect them to move to a fly. (Although as an aside there are mentions of wild fish on the Bulkley rising to dries while the water temp is in the 30's- but those are a unique strain of wild fish). But rather than the water I fish dictating my technique, I have decided that my technique will dictate the water that I fish.

I do not disapprove of true nymphing. I was earlier answering Shaq's request to try to understand why some of us have abandoned the technique or at least use it sparingly. I have many friends who fish the Salmon River with a nymph, a few micro shot and no strike indicator and are far more talented at handling a rod and controlling line.

The truth is that one of the reasons I like swinging flies so much is it requires less line control in some ways. I firmly beleive that once the initial mending is complete a wet fly swing should not be disturbed. Just follow with the rod tip and wait for the fly to stop.

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