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I had the pleasure of fishing with ShotGunner this week. He certainly knows how to handle a two-handed rod and, I would say, is a real student of the sport. The flies he ties are beautifully done and, IMHO, their precision exemplifies his approach to the sport in general -- well thought out and carefully executed.

BTW, neither of us caught a steelhead on our trip, but, for me, it was a blast regardless. I almost gave ShotGunner a chance to practice his life-saving skills when I stepped onto the upstream edge a pretty deep hole while wading on the Big Manistee. Had I not been able to regain my footing (it seemed to take forever to do it), I am sure he would have excelled at pulling me out as well.

I'm not much for cold weather, but I am looking forward to fishing with him again before the snow flies too heavily.
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