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Congrats on a very exciting new adventure for you. I am sure that you both being the intelligent individuals that you are will come up with a very informative and high quality read. A quick suggestion if I am not out of line? In most all of the books you see the stock fly photos either behind a vise or neutral background or some have a natural back ground. These are fine for tying purpose but if you could also get some shots of the flies actually wet in the water it would be that much more useful in getting especially newbies to understand how and why you do the things you do when tying a certain pattern i.e. Flatwing.......i.e. sparse does not mean no fullness in the water. I think you know what I mean and I am no photo expert so cannot give you any ideas about how to accomplish that but it would be awesome and something I have not seen in a book before, it may have been done already I just have not seen it . Good luck and I will look forward to reading it when it is hot off the presses.

Mike M.
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