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The excitement of a sudden grab of a wet or the boil of a steelhead taking a dry far exceeds rolling split shot across the bottom of a stream and wondering was that a strike or a rock ?

Steelhead are beautiful fish which give us their all, I just think we owe it to them to do the same.


hello Gillie. i agree wholeheartedly to the first part of your words above. but, if you are "rolling split shot across the bottom" aren't you actually drift fishing? don't mean to nit-pick just want others to realise there is a differance in a micro shot or two conventionaly casted and a drift fishing rig propelled by a lob or flick.

Shaq, i guess that when & if someone becomes so numbed with numbers of fish to hand its time to self impose some sort of handicap to avoid taking them for granted. something that has never troubled me yet. the few i stumble into leave me feeling fortunate..... SG

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