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I love fishing for steelhead with swung, skated, or riffle hitched flies. In fact, I have hardly fished for anything but steelhead the last 13 years. That said, I don't care how many I hook in a day's fishing and many times will quit fishing after hooking and landing the first fish that takes. And I have quit fishing within 30 minutes of beginning a morning's or evening's fishing after hooking and landing a single wild fish. Another fish would be nice, but the single wild fish makes for a great day and allows me to take time from fishing to visit with one of the many steelhead fly fishers I've met over the years, and the comaraderie of such visits is every bit as rewarding as hooking and landing a steelhead.

Don't get me wrong, I love catching steelhead (or other fish), it is just that I've learned there is far more to fishing than catching fish.
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