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I don't count fish either...

But acknowledge the BassMaster mentality as a curious human trait that allows someone to portray themselves as a success in their own mind and in their circle of fish counting friends...
"How'd ya do?"
"Not bad...Got 57 twinkies 23 blues a partridge and a pear tree..."
When I lived in central Taxachusetts (home of Ted Kennedy, Barny Frank, and Kerry, aren't I proud) I spent alot of time on the Connecticut River...85 miles inland and a great Striper opportunity (anong other things)...I knew a guy who could tell me how many shad he caught from year to 582...479...whatever...
Very curious indeed, not to mention obsesive compulsive and anal retentive!
There must be some gene that drives this behavior...
Don't let it get to you and keep on enjoying what makes you happy...
I try to employ a filter that overlooks the numbers and focuses on the experience!
It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're surrounded by accountants!
Go phigure?!
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