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Originally Posted by JDJones
indicator is a pseudonym for,,,,,,,,BOBBER

I find it more enjoyable to fish a traditional fly on a floating line and a long leader,,,,,,,even though my catch rate suffers.
One day I will get this thing figured out. A fly design that will get down without multiple wraps of lead. Where I can find fish in water that I can get the fly down far enough.

Had some interesting experiences with fly hydrodynamics over the years. When I was playing around with float foam on the bodies of my streamers to get them closer to neutral buoyancy, one variant would leap out of the water, like a fleeing minnow, when stripped hard. Useless for catching fish but neat to watch.

Last year I was in NC on a fly flinger vs. bassing hardware chucker contest (me against two locals -- lawyers to boot -- I lost -- wonder why?) During one part of the trip, Jeffie the owner of the bay boat, announces that since the casting isn't getting us any stripers, we'll troll the river for them. They have rapalas on bass rods and I have a 10 wt. with a T-7 fullsink and a big clouser. Guess who was hitting bottom and catching the only fish? Me! The shape of the clouser nose was pushing the fly deep on the troll. I've since experimented with this method when pike fishing and have hung up on bottom at depths of 10'.

So, how about inventing a shovel-nosed spey fly? Tie a flatwing on top and spread some head cement over the front third or so as to have it holds its position and shape. Make sure there's some material just behind the flatwing so it holds it up at an angle to the flow of the current, producing a downward force on the fly. I have some unweighted flatwing speys already tied up -- gonna get the glue out tonight.
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