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I never fish egg patterns or nymphs, and I hate cating weighted flies on my 2-hand rods. I use my 2-handers for 99% of my fishing and only use a single-hand rod on one nearby river (actually a mid-sized stream not more than 40' across at its widest sections) and then it is an 11' 8/9 that use with spey casts to keep out of the brush and trees behind. I use floating lines in the lower and low waters of summer/fall and sink tips the rest of the year.

Spey, dee, G.P.'s, Ally Shrimps (in original orange-red, purple, hot pink/orange, and Andy Wren's Cut Silk versons), featherwing low water and full dressed, skaters, wakers, and several Irish Shrimp style flies are what I use because I like the way they look and prefer that action of feather wings over hair wings.
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