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Sorry for the delay in responding but went 'blank in the head' on how to log in.

A couple of the dams on the upper river are, without doubt, problems and lots and lots and etc., talk about removing one or both. Major issue is with abutting homeowners who bought (in their minds anyway) "lake front property." They don't want to see Savage Rapids, etc., go away because the poor darlings want to be able to water ski. No kidding.

One will eventually come out but the question is when. The main thing the dams do is build a large slow moving lake behind them vs. free flowing water. Water heats up in summer and you can guess the rest.

Major issue this year will be the continuing low water conditions. Understand that (no hydo electric or irrigation issues I can think of anyway) Lost Creek dam will continue to release water at higher rates to assure at least 2300 cfs in mid-Rogue for the spring chnk run. Major issue with fish diseases if water gets up into the 60+ range. In 1992 (?) I guess they lost 60 some odd percent of the run to the high water temps.

Water flow is still at 700cfs from the dam but they're mixing the water outflow (bottom/mid water column) to keep it in the low 40's. As we heat up they will shift to water deeper in the lake to reduce water temps.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the two dam flows down stream as it's the impounding that really causes the higher water temps in my opinion.

Will keep you posted.

PS: Fishing is still good to HOT in the very top end of the river. Hooked/released 8 fish on Sat and Sunday morning. In the 'even a blind pig can find an acorn' dept. actually hooked three fish in my first 5 casts Saturday.
Fred Evans
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