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What I learned from this year;
1) Two handed rods rock into head winds.
2) If you want a unbelievable salad at an improptu bbq, invite Jim Simms!
3) John Morin will MAKE you wear the fez, if you show up at CAC.
4) Springclave is the perfect event to start the season.
5) If Keith asks you is you "want a late pickup from SB?", no one will catch fish between the time he showed up the first time and when he finally returns.
6) When all else fails, revert to the chartruse and white clouser.
7) Avoid the neighbor that offered to sell you his beach house in 1996 for 1/3 the cost of today's value!
8) Slinger is a fly tying dude.
9) Pete G. can jog further down a beach with a fly rod than anyone else in New England.
10) Freinds, memories, and the smell of salt water last forever. Everything else is temporary.
Have an awesome winter, see you next Spring.
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