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Love of my life: she likes the Cape

This is my fifth year on the cape. Two years ago, my wife, decided to see first-hand what prompted me to return. She now sees what the lure is for me.

As a result, she will be with me from Memorial Day thru the end of June. I'll be a bit longer, September thru early October. She is a teacher and will retire next year.

In a conversation a couple of nights ago over a bottle of cab, she said," how about spending May, June, Sept & Oct on the Cape?: Duh, what do you say?

That was the highlight of my season. The other notables of the season include getting my sons into keeper bass, my first albie, and helping other forum members to have a memorable experience on the Cape.

The forum is a real slice of life. I have met some great people on the Cape, thanks to the forum, e.g. Striblue, Double Haul, Fishhawk, CSJ60, Juro, Rooster, Paxton, Rip Ryder, Striper, Penguin, etc.

The Pommies, or the Brits, have found the Cape. I have enjoyed their compassion for the resource, and their sense of humor this season. I suspect we will see more of them next year.

Thank you Cape for a memorable year.

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