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Andros is a big island and fishing conditions vary. The water on the West Side, for instance, is not all that clear and there are a lot of ten pound plus bonefish there. Combine that with wind that is often prevalent and a six or seven weight with an eighteen foot leader becomes hopeless. In fact, on the West Side I rarely go less than a nine weight. Although I'll often fish a leader that's 13-14' long, if the wind starts to crank I'll cut it back to more like 10-11'. I agree that tippets under twelve pounds are rarely necessary. There is some water at Middle Bight, around Mangrove Key, that is air clear and the fish that visit that area are Atlantic Ocean fish with PhD's. Moving down to as light a line and as long a leader as one can handle makes sense there. I love fishing for bones with a six or seven weight, it's just that it often isn't terribly practical. I'm off to Casa Blanca tomorrow morning. I'll be interested in where this thread goes during the next ten days or so. Meanwhile, I'll be looking for Mr. Permit.
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