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I have been fishing there 25 years

some additional thougths...go as long with the leader as you can turn over comfortably. I fish 16-18 feet most of the time and fish an rplxi 6weight. Tippet size is not as critical as you might think, especially if you use flouro...I fish 12 lb almost exlclusively. This is the clearest water in the world. Heavy fly lines (anything heavier than 7 weight) can spook a lot of fish if you wading or casting in water less than 15 inches. If you are wading, position yourself so the first cast you make is as close to a head on position to the fish as you can get, and the try to get the fly with 3 feet of thefish dead in front, especially if water is l;eassthan a couple of feet deep......anything that is not in the sight cone of 45 degrees off the nose of the fish to the front...usually doomed. it is a pure casting drill...yo make he right cast to put the fly in the right palce...they will eat it about everytime.

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