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Aruba report

First I would like to thank Juro and the gentleman from Seattle for their reports.I printed both of them up and read them daily while I was down there,sort of my bonefish bible.Malmok beach seemed to be my best bet for bonefish according to the reports,and I fished it on two seperate mornings.The first was slow until I tied on a small shrimp fly tied on a #8 freshwater nymph hook and caught a few cornetfish.Soon after I hooked into something that had some weight to it ,but insteed of a blistering run it swam slowly parallel to me.Next I saw silver flash in the water and it was off to the races.Line then backing melted from my reel at an alarming rate. After what seemed to be an eternity I finally got the flyline back on the reel only to have the fish make a second run almost as far. I decided the best way to land the fish was to beach it, and after a few nervous moments a wave carried the fish onto the shore. There infront of me was a beautiful bonefish of several lbs. A couple had stoped to witness the outcome of the fight and were kind enought to take my picture.(when I figure out how to post the picture I will put it up) After reviving and releasing the fish I waded back out and was soon hooked up again.The fight was almost identical to the first fish, except that I foolishly tried to palm the reel and had my knuckles rapped that brought back memories of the sixth grade at St. Peter's. I went back the next day and although the bonefish god's weren't with me I did manage to catch a small permit looking fish. So if you travel down to this lovely island don't forget the flyrod and some small shrimp flies you just never know what you might hook into.
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