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This whole boat thing is complex: I have a good friend with a single person pontoon, a canoe, a 14' raft, a 2 person 12' pontoon, a drift boat, a float tube, a jon boat and a jet boat. He thinks he needs them all...need I say more!

The prams/drift boats I mention above are about 1 1/2x the price of a top quality single person pontoon. They are a bit pricey but, I thought they might fit your needs and would bring them up. Having spent a whole lot of money over the years trying to figure out what "the best" product actually is for a given application, I often wish I could go back and have paid a little more from the get go. I would have been thousands of dollars ahead and a whole lot more satisfied from the beginning. Might be worth saving for an extra few months or a year and get exactly what you want and not settling.

Get them to send you some literature and perhaps a couple of references to talk with and mull them over.

Just a couple of ideas for you to kick around and hopefully help you make the best decision for your application.

Let us know what you decide.
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