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Tying the terrestial fly

Here's an easy way to tie my award winning ladybug.
Hook: # 16 dry fly
Body: black thread
Wing Case: a real ladybug's wing case (I harvested the former ladybug from my neighbor's bug-zapper)

First: I form the basic body shape with thread.
Second: I secured the thread with head cement.
Third: I carefully removed the spent ladybug's wing case.
Forth: I glue the wing case in it's proper place, then cement over it to protect it.
Fifth: I apply a coat of lacquer to make it glossy.

That's all there is to it.
Nothing looks more real, than real!
p.s. Unplug the bug-zappers before you try to extract anything from them.
This technique can be applied to any bug with a hard wing case....
"Somewhere, over the rainbows. I'll cast my fly...."
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