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Mono gillnetting is the scourge of endangered salmonids in the pacific northwest, it does not discriminate what it kills. I agree that native americans should have the right to subsist on historical salmon runs, but if so then they should use historical methods. Non-Indian commercial salmon fishing should be conducted by hook and line only offshore, and by the use of weirs once in the river to prevent the deaths of dwindling native species mixed into the returning populations.

Longlining is another indiscriminate method that creates many miles of death of pelagic species that are too valuable to waste. Yet international regulations requires that many species that die on the line are discarded on location - like 1000 pound swordfish. Foriegn long-liners have recorded innumerable swordfish cut from the lines dead in compliance of these laws. The law is not the problem, it's the dichotomy between the long line method and the law protecting the species. Eliminate the indiscriminate methods and the law will have the desired effect.
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