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Hey Guys
Fished the Salmon last Friday 29th......and I fished the Fly Zones. Upper area had a FEW guys.....shared the upper pool w/ 2 nice fellows and we all caught fish!Lot's of other productive water not being fished at all! I'd say one out of 5 was a decent salmon. Sure you had to cull out the Lepar fish...but if you dead drifted a wouldn't snag up too much on the spawners and half dead. Also had to keep moving to fish to new fish....and not the same spawners over and over.
Also had a steelie on and landed a 24" brown. Landed 6 salmon...many more on.

Later I went to the Cemetary pool (lower FF area) 4 or five other guys in sight (only 3 fishing the pool).....really not crowded at all....there was a push of fresh fish later in the day....I could see them in the tail of the pool....couldn't hook up.
All in all...a pretty good day !

Mark NY....I'd like to try to fish w/ you sometime for steelies (Nov.?)

BTW: the season seems to be running late this year....salmon were late and the steelies seem to be late also...low water is the problem (I think)

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