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It is a fine rod that has a very fast recovery due to the boron in the blank and it is medium stiff with a lot of power in the butt of the rod. The letters and number on the rod tell you the rod the blank makes into, its length in inches, and the line wt designation it was designed to cast.

Thus, your rod was built on a Boron X fly blank (XFL - X stands for boron X and FL stands for fly, that is 8'6" long (102/12=8'6"), and is for a 6 wt line.

This makes it an excellent all-around rod because 5 or 6 wt 8'6" - 9' rods are pretty universally considered by experienced fly fishers to be the best for all-around use. And most experienced fly fishers recommend someone new to the sport to get a 5 or 6 wt 8'6" or 9' rod as his first one.

Welcome to the brotherhood of the fly.
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