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A normal day on the Salmon River

Been there, done that, multiple times... its just the way the river works. I used to live out east and that river fills up with SO MANY people that unless you hit the incredible luck to be next to 6 guys (or girls) in a row who can cast a double spey with their one handed rods (yeah right... once ever but more are learning!), its just impossible for anyone to get line out without ducking and chucking... submarines LOOK OUT BELOW. Not sure what the solution is, I stopped fishing that river... worked for me. The other thing to do is wait until the Salmon are all gone, then the river emptys out big time, still a lot of guys steelheading but you get a different crowd most are of a more serious fisher person variety and I think you will find your day less stresfull if a bit cooler. One thing, fishing that river in January with a Big ASS lake effect snow storm dumping 2-3 inches of snow/hour around you is worth doing at least once. I would go back for the Steelehead, but never again during Salmon season.
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