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help please, cataraft and lakes

Hi All-

I have spent some time reading with interest the information people have posted with respect to pontoons v.s catarafts and have decided to look seriously at saving up for and purchasing a Skookum 10 ft Steelheader guide model with the anchor system. That said, I am far from certain and would like to know what people think and if people think I will be getting too much boat for what i plan on doing. So here is the plan and your comments will be welcome with an open mind.

I believe in buying something once, so durability and quality are important.

I fish a LOT in the late fall and early spring, so cold water is the rule and I know what will happen to me if I dump in a lake 1 mile out and the water is 40 degrees... my boat will be in an estate sale. So stability and RELIABILITY are IMPORTANT.

I would LOVE to be able to stand and sight cast to fish on a lake or a river.

I usually wear waders, its just more rain proof, warmer etc, but I like the idea of being "dry" and have used float tubes and find that kicking around a lake is pretty much useless unless you are willing to work REALLY hard or drive within 200 yards of where you want to fish. That said, should I consider a more pontoon like configuration with a kick style boat... keep reading to see what I will use it for. My thought is that there is no way I am going to be able to move very far with kick fins on a 10 ft boat so why even bother....

Ok, so I fish reservoirs and rivers about 50:50, can I row a 10 ft cataraft with any efficency at all on a lake, what about wind (Major concern on mountain reservoirs in UT), will I be in a "sail cataraft" and pretty much tracking down wind???? Will I need a motor (sounds very FUN to me.... something I would likely add, but do I Need it. See above concern vis kick style propulsion.

Now for rivers, I would be on the upper Green river in the A or B section so I don't see any major white water concerns here, but I am not a dare devil and thus like the idea of a 10 ft catraft for stability and safety. I will also head out to the Salmon river in the Salmon/North Fork area of Cenrtal/N Central ID, there are sections on that river that would be "interesting" for me in that I am not an experienced rafter/catarafter/pontoon driver and would like to keep it safe (you might see a common theme here).

So, sorry for the length but If I dont tell you what I want to do, and why, you will not be able to really provide much help. Basically, I see this as my one purchase that will involve a boat that will not be a 19 ft flats boat with a 100 hp motor, which is my eventual goal in 5-10 years. So, I want to use it to fish for everything from Large mouth bass (standing to cast would be a BLAST), for Steelhead in big rivers, for trout in reservoirs, for Lakers in Resrvoirs, and for trout on large rivers. I am asking a lot out of one boat and considered seriously a canoe but for many reasons ruled it out (mostly due to being solo and standing). I do not need room for two, it would be great but 90 % of the time I will be solo.

Have at me! PLEASE.
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