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Hi friends,

I first fished the Salmon River NY. 24 years ago...I last fished it 19 years ago. It made me sick to see the wholesale slaughter that went on by supposed sportsmen just so they could have meat for the smoker and 5 gallon pails of eggs to sell. I stopped making pilgrimages to the Michigan Penninsula around that time for those same reasons.

Worst thing to happen to me on the Salmon was up at the tailout of the Railway bridge hole. Guys were swinging weighted hooks all over the place and as I stood at the bottom of the hole, I could see silver flashes and grey shapes darting in and around exhaused hen salmon being pulled in backwards. These steelhead were busy picking off the eggs aborted by the poor salmon during the fight.

I got like 3 trout in a row on double egg-sperm fly before 5 guys moved in on my drift and literally cut me off (about 3 ft of my flyline head%@#%^#)...guy said the knot was too bad to untangle!!??. I made the 5 hr. drive home 2 days early and vowed to never go back...and I haven't.

Okay, deep breath Henry....ahhh!...that's better.

Sorry to be such a downer.

Tight loops and great fishing,

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