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We all are going to make it through this desperate time without local steelhead fishing. It is a great time to do all those things that need to be done from yard work to other hobbies even spending time with the wife or girl friend. I'm in some hot water because I'm spending less time with my girl friend because she loves to fish. She does not like sanding old fiberglass on my old Rhodes sloop that I'm rebuilding on weekends. But with no steelhead fishing I'm getting a lot done on the boat.
And of course I'm sure Sinktip after buying a new 5 WT went out and treated his wonderful wife to a weekend at a nice bed & breakfast over in the Yakima area.
As much as I love getting an hour in steelhead fishing before work I've been able over come my DT's, it has not been that bad for me. But I also have been lucky to be doing a lot of work down in the Corvallis OR area and fishing rainbows after work helps. Soon the summer runs will be on the McKenzie with long day light hrs and working on the road won't be so bad.
Jeff we are all going to make it till June as hard as it may seem and hopefully we will all enjoy our Summer fishing all the more because we realize how fragile our watersheds have become.
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