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One more tidbit...

Other things, as were alluded to in a previous post, are resources in the form of videos, DVDs and books. I don't have too many DVDs or videos so I'll have to lean on others to offer up advice there. I am a book lover though and the Benchside Reference is a great resource. Also, Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Morris, Wet Flies by Hughes, Production Fly Tying by AK Best, the trilogy by Jack Dennis, Fly Tying Methods and Micropatterns by Darrell Martin and many others are out there and readily available. I don't want to get in trouble for supporting a non-sponsor, but a valuable resource I have found for locating old, out of print books is, FYI.

Anyway, most of the aformentioned adhere to the trout fly genre' of patterns, which I thought appropriate given the origin of the thread. With that said, why don't we chime in a make a list of what WE ALL feel to be a good resource library for the TROUT fly tyer.

(Russ, maybe you could start one of these on the salmon/steelhead pages?)

Here's some of mine:
Wet Flies: 400 Patterns by Ken Sawada
Wet Flies: Their Style and Dressing by Ken Sawada
Wet Flies by Dave Hughes
The soft hackle trilogy (the first 3 books) by Syl Nemes
The Art of Tying the Wet Fly by Leisenring
A Handbook of North Country Flies by Roger Fogg
The North Country: A Fly Fishing Tradition by Leslie Magee
North Country Flies by TE Pritt
Brook and River Trouting by Edmonds and Lee
Silk, Feather and Fur by Skues
A Way of the Trout with a Fly by Skues
The Benchside Reference
Fly Tying Methods by D. Martin
Micropatterns by D. Martin
Caddisflies by LaFontaine
Nymphs by Schweibert
Mayflies by Caucci and Nastasi
Aquatic Entomology (can't remember the author)
Production Fly Tying by AK Best
1000 Best Flies by Randy Stetzer
Tying the Dry Fly and Tying the Nymph (2 seperate books) by Randall Kaufmann
Western Fly Tying Manuals (3 of them) by Jack Dennis

There may be more at home that I am forgetting, but that's a start. I'll add more later if I find any at home that I feel are worthy of addition.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's favorites.

Don Johnson
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